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This Louisville 40 foot aluminum industrial extension ladder has a 300 pound load capacity, rated ANSI Type IA. It is equipped with the MAXLOCK rung lock, custom engineered from a patented, advanced molecular polymer, MAXLOCK is the strongest, toughest, lightest rung lock ever made This ladder also includes the patented QuickLatch RungLock system that provides a simple, intuitive method of securing the fly and base sections of the ladder when extended. This ladder also features outside slide guides, D-shaped rungs fully serrated for a slip resistant surface, mar-resistant rail end caps, full I-beam for a more stable connection and to prevent twisting, and swivel safety shoes to be used as tread down or in spike position. The Louisville AE2240 aluminum extension ladder meets or exceeds the safety standards set by ANSI and OSHA.


Includes our custom engineered MAXLOCK that is made from a patented and advanced molecular polymer. Our MAXLOCK is the strongest toughest lightest rung lock ever made

D-Shaped Rungs

Full I-Beam

Mar-Resistant Rail End Caps

Outside Slide Guides

Swivel Safety Shoes

Patented Quicklatch Runglock System

Please contact us for current pricing and availability.